Thursday, September 16, 2010


I guess this would probably be my last entry here.

Bukan merajuk atau membawa diri. Saje beralih angin. I've been neglecting this blog pun.

Lieawulf has been a very significant part of my life (would continue to be in a very personal way) and I would definitely miss this blog, this persona. I would however, still use this nick for Idea sepah-sepah, no longer for personal commentary on life and its surroundings.

Seriously, aku tak pandai bid goodbye(s).

This blog means a lot to me. I made new friends, rambled about life, predicting what future may bring, kutuk-ing people and the system, and fell in and out of love witnessed by it.

To say goodbye is like writing a will, you wish you could write more yet it seems like words are escaping your dictionary.

To my dear friends, live life well and always be happy to make people around you feel happy too! Life isn't about gaining as much as possible for yourself, but sharing as much as possible with the people you love and care for. Take care people!


p/s: Fynn, hope you don't mind me using your videoclip here :D

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Miss Aida said...

Best of luck Miss Lieawulf. :)