Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Keeping fit

My weight increases quite rapidly since I stopped all my martial arts activities (wasn't a decision that I have the liberty to choose). Three years ago, I competed in the middle weight category, but if I were to take part in sparring competition today, I'd be in the heavy weight category! Scary!

So, on 1st of March 2010, I started a 'low carb' diet program - agaknya la kot hahaha. I am cutting down on my rice's more like cuttinf off rice from my diet hahaha.


Day 1 - 1/3/2010

It ain't easy, especially when rice is the staple food of your country.
Had an apple and about 200ml of full cream milk for breakfast.
Lunch was rather tricky because I had never imagined myself having a difficulty to choose what to eat. I went to a restaurant and ordered Wantan Noodle Soup.
Dinner - bread and veggie dalca.

Day 2 - 2/3/2010
Haha, I survived a day without rice. Not that I had never had other than rice for the whole day, but to be able to do it consciously, that was quite tough.
Breakfast - two slices of bread. plain water.
Lunch - grilled ikan kembung and bayam.
Dinner - mee goreng

Day 3 - 3/3/2010
I'm getting the hang of this! Hehehe
Breakfast - 4 pieces of nugget
Lunch - Fried macaroni and a small portion of lasagna
Dinner - Bread, beef rendang and sambal sardin


I think I'm going to survive this! Besides, my mom is very supportive hahaha.

Soon, I'll be taking my 3rd dan grading test! ^__^

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Miss Aida said...

Wow, 3 Dan!

Good luck with the weight - just remember, it's about being healthy. :)